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Taking care of views for a new breath of peace. That’s the mission of thirty young people living on the different shores of the Mediterranean who will gather in the beautiful scenario offered by Via Sallentina. They will share and reflect on the experiences to build a better future, so that the conviviality of differences can become creator of languages of positive relationships.

The path, both physical and spiritual, meets several stages.

Follow us on this journey to understand how to train your view to educate it, in order to take care of people, to take care of the Creation and to respect differences of all the peoples sharing one single Mare Nostrum.

first stage

taking care of the gaze within me
A better planet is a dream that begins to come true
when each of us decides to improve ourselves
Mahatma Gandhi

The first look to take care of is the one within me. With true contact with oneself, the communion and exchange of reciprocal gifts with others becomes possible. Despite the resistance opposed by a society with dynamics of indifference and egocentrism, it is necessary to start again from an unprecedented concept of identity: rediscovering oneself, one’s roots, one’s experiences and our irreducible uniqueness, in order to connect with others while achieving a fullness due to hosting and being hosted at the same time.

What are your good practices of creative rediscovery of yourself?

    second stage

    taking care of my gaze by educating it, in order to be able to look at the beauty that I meet and to look at it with wholesome amazement.

    Learning to look, it is the longest training in all the arts
    Edmond de Goncourt

    Looking does not simply mean seeing. Educating yourself to look is the key to being able to welcome and empathize with the other. Meeting someone new with an educated look to understand them allows me to look at who is next to me with attention, curiosity. It can inspire awe. Confronting those who return my gaze creates a breeding ground for the encounter between cultures, people and stories. Meeting our next and conflicting with the new also encourage my own growth: how can I make sense of an I if there is no you too?

    What significant experiences have formed your gaze, making you the person you are today? With a view to meeting your neighbor, who is very different from you, what does the diversity of your experiences depend on?

      third stage

      I am ready to take care of the gaze of those who meet me
      Our historical task is to know how to be together at the table.
      Eating is not enough: peace means eating with others
      Don Tonino Bello

      The path to living a new breath of peace begins with building new relationships. Peace is not the absence of war, but the coexistence of all peoples in the conviviality of differences. The generation that bears witness to the peace project in Carta di Leuca lives without being surprised by the diversity in culture and in the views of the other. This is the generation in which the encounter with the different becomes the ability to share common experiences and to understand different experiences, with a perspective of brotherhood.

      What does peace mean to you? What value do conflict and diversity have in building a path together?

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